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About Captain & Company
Corporate Profile
In a market environment that is constantly evolving and changing, the challenges faced by today's business leaders are greater than ever before. Having operated since 1966, Captain and Company has a track record of empowering customers to win in business. Captain is well placed to understand the challenges and what impact these can have on your growth plans.

Captain specializes in the marketing and distribution of wide varieties of chemicals to serve various industrial users in the subcontinent and the Middle East region. Captain provides an unparalleled set of professional services to support our customers' subcontinent and Middle East strategies which include:
  • Fact based market analysis and insights, elevating the quality of business decision making.
  • Enhancing and increasing the probability and success of business acquisition.
  • Developing growth strategies, addressing market and capability requirements.
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With innovative marketing strategies and product research, Captain is continually expanding the distribution of existing products and seeking opportunities to introduce new products. Captain continues to add value to the industry through partnerships with leading manufacturers and suppliers of chemicals around the world. As a result, we are an important link in the supply chain, assisting the industrial users to better serve their own market.

Equipped with our strong capabilities in marketing, distribution and technical support, our relationships in the industry are strong and long term. Our team of advisors, consultants, market analysts and business developers work with our extensive network of industry and market relationships to bring global perspectives to regional challenges.

Our Mission
The Mission Statement
To provide a shared sense of purpose, direction and opportunity, Captain has formulated its mission statement:
  • Endeavor to provide quality, timely and reliable response to our business associates
  • Continually educate ourselves of the various products, services, technologies, formulations and chemical sectors through in-house training programs and forums
  • Quantifying the to-be achievements and attaining them in a defined time frame
  • Bring positive changes by strengthening our strengths.
  • Conveying accurate market information to our business associates.

Markets & Their Challenges
Sustainable Growth, Compelling Outlook
We have our industrial focus on the following markets
  • Paint, Ink and Coatings Industry
  • Adhesive and Sealant Industry
  • Rubber and Plastic Compounding
  • Household, Institutional and Industrial Cleaners
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Flavour, Fragrance and Essential Oils
  • Personal Care and Cosmetic
  • Food and Beverages
  • Lab Equipment and Machineries

The subcontinent and the Middle East continue to demonstrate unprecedented growth with industrial activity forecast to rise across the region for the foreseeable future. Those already operating in the region are experiencing an unparalleled level of market intensity with high levels of competition and challenges on capabilities. New entrants are facing significant pressure to capture market share in a region where access to information on which to base those decisions is limited.

Value Proposition
Winning Strategies & Market Insights
Captain's value proposition to customers is to increase value in market share and revenues through accelerated pace by identifying the right opportunities and conducting high level of due diligence to convert opportunities to revenues. Whether you are looking to grow your existing presence or have the subcontinent and the Middle East on your radar as a new target market, Captain can provide a unique perspective to support your growth plans.

a. Market Intelligence
Captain has been gathering and delivering market intelligence in the chemical industry for over 42 years to support business development activities. Through a team of researchers and analysts we provide fact based research and analysis transforming information and data into actionable knowledge and insights that drive smarter and faster decision making.
  • Market Analysis - understands the trends, dynamics and drivers of the market and assesses the implications of these on your business.
  • Market Sizing and Supply/Demand Analysis enhance your business planning by developing a thorough fact base of your current and future market.
  • Competitive Intelligence stay ahead of your peers through ongoing monitoring on competition on quarterly basis reporting.

b. Growth Strategy
We work with our customers to develop winning strategies that can be implemented. With our solid financial base and human and infrastructure capabilities, we advise companies on market entry, diversification, strategic business development and managing the complexity of strategy execution.

c. Business Development
We work with global and regional companies to identify, select and win major business opportunities in the subcontinent and the Middle East. Through our unique business development process and deep knowledge of the market, we focus our customer on winning the right opportunities. At Captain, our success is fully aligned with our customers.

Quality Management
Our Quality Management System is the cornerstone of our continuous improvement philosophy and its effectiveness is measured by key performance indicators. We are committed to:
  • Satisfying the expectations and needs of our customers, employees and shareholders.
  • Forming strategic partnerships that play a critical role in achieving our quality objectives.
  • Positioning ourselves as industry leaders by providing products and services that satisfy industry's expectations.
  • Ongoing training and development of our employees so that all staff have the necessary skills to perform their tasks in this complex business environment.
  • Continuous improvement of procedures and business performance.

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    Plan to participate in "Pakistan Coating Show 2023"at Lahore from 18th - 20th, May 2023.

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M/s. Captain and Company have been known to us since their very inception in 1966 and perhaps we were one of their first customers. They are quick to understand the requirement and even quicker at providing the desired solution in arranging Raw Materials.
M/s. Buxly Paints Ltd.
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Industrial Focus
  • Paint, Ink and Coatings Industry
  • Adhesive and Sealant Industry
  • Rubber and Plastic Compounding
  • Household, Institutional and Industrial Cleaners
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Flavour, Fragrance and Essential Oils
  • Personal Care and Cosmetic
  • Food and Beverages
  • Lab Equipment and Machineries

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